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Born Fire Dragon

Susan Kiskis brings two worlds together - the seen and the unseen - in her debut memoir.


Susan always knew her family was different. Whether it stemmed from an unusual and often complicated childhood, or from her experiences with the “other side,” Susan lived on the outskirts of a normal life. As a young mother, she naively navigated the dating world, while stretching the boundaries of her ability to find her calling. Through trial and error, she found love in all the wrong places until, one day, she discovered where true love originated from.

You'd think that being a child of a conservative family living in New York, with a Yugoslavian immigrant mother and World War II veteran father would make Susan's life interesting enough. However, add a dash of coffee cup readings, a tablespoon of past life memories, and stir in a grown intuitive woman who survived the dating world, and you have a cup of New Age angst.

Born on a full moon, under the Chinese year of the Fire Dragon, "Born Fire Dragon" follows Susan on the marvelous ride of life.

As a spiritual seeker, this book touched me deeply. Exciting, educating, and eloquently written, I felt I was there every step of the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey of wisdom, love, and understanding; this journey home. - Russell Kyle, Author of "Rise & Shine" and "Awakened Living"

“Let Me Carry You Home” felt like it carried me to all of Susan Kiskis’ experiences with her family around the world. The spiritual adventures, going to new places, meeting holy teachers, and learning new experiences really made me feel like I was there. A good book is never complete until you feel like you were actually there, and that’s exactly how Susan made me feel. Though I’ve never met any of Susan’s teachers or spiritual friends, I still felt like I learned something from them through Susan. The writing is beautifully written and the experiences are one in a lifetime. Reading this book will make you feel like you were truly part of those experiences! - Venerable Bhante Sujatha, Abbot of Blue Lotus Temple, Woodstock, IL

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