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You are a ripple in the water.

Help make a positive impact.

Learn about global non-profits and NGO's,

how to protect the earth for future generations and all living beings,

and how to live a courageous and compassionate life.

Ma Sharanam

Ma Sharanam has for the past 18 years working for the upliftment of women and children near the banks of river Narmada in west Nimar of Madhya Pradesh.


They provide the poor children in the village free education, nutritional care, medical aid and skill development, regardless of religion, race and gender. For the families of the children and the villagers, they teach them about healthy and nutritional food, helping unemployed youth for jobs, also educating them for taking good care of the environment.

Bhante Sujatha

2019 Medical Donation:
An Ultrasound Scanner for the Maternity Ward at Teaching Hospital Peradeniya

Bhante Sujatha calls charitable or humanitarian work “Love In Action.”  The mothers ward has a ultra sound machine that is more than 10 years old.  New machines are far more powerful with advancements that can see much more, help predict what is happening and can begin life sustaining treatment much sooner.  The machine can recognize the nature of the baby within a few weeks of conception and see if the baby is going to healthy or not and if not they can begin treatment planning right away.  

Each Satsang, our Sangha group will donate to Ma Sharanam and Venerable Bhante Sujatha's well water project. The sangha will also identify and vote on an organisation they would like to support, as well.

Organisations selected by the sangha will be listed here.

23 Aug. 2019: Gita Nagari Farm

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