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Fulfilling Dreams, No Matter Your Age

Today I got to use the bow. This is a very momentous occasion for me. When you start the violin you don't get to even touch the bow for quite a number of lessons. Fortunately, I knew this going in, but still, like everyone else, was looking forward to it.

I spent three weeks learning how to pluck the violin. Then I spent another three learning how to hold the bow. Today, I was able to move the bow on the violin.

But here is why this is even a bigger deal.

Guys, I am 43! I have had a life long obsession with learning how to play the violin and I am just doing that. I don't know why there is the belief that if you are no longer 20 or younger you can't access those dreams, goals, or satiate those longings to learn, move and do.

I am 43 and I am learning how to play the violin, and the harmonium. I am 43 and learning how to speak French all over again. I am 43 and learning how to speak and write in Hindi and Sanskrit. I am 43 and I am learning how to use the loom. I am 43 and taking Indian dance classes, art classes, and just bought my own kiln this year. I am 43 and just graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Don't let life pass you by because you think you are "too old." Life is what you make of it- whether you are 22, 52, or 72.

Now, what are you going to do, learn, and pursue in this glorious life?

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