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Sitting at home with a sinus infection drinking lemon honey tea and reminded of Jaipur. Several years back, my husband and I stayed in Vinayak Guesthouse. After two plane rides and a long train ride from Mumbai, I was so ill. My allergies are so dramatic and almost every time I travel, I get some varying degree of a sinus infection. (This one was really bad.) After many hours of sleep, I sat on the rooftop garden and had the best hot ginger tea of my life brought to me by Raman, the owner of the guesthouse (who is such an incredible, kind person). My sinus’ opened immediately and I started to feel better within days after repeatedly having this.

Matthew and I were able to enjoy Jaipur. Near the guesthouse was this stunning stepwell. Stepwells started being constructed in India sometime between 200-400 AD with it really taking off after construction in Gujarat around 600 AD. They had so many beautiful purposes. They collected rainwater for the community to use for drinking, cooking, bathing. Pilgrims refreshed themselves here. Women gathered water for their families daily and prayed to the divine mother for her blessings.

Human civilizations grew near bodies of water. When inland, a solution like this became another way to marry the daily needs of people with art and spiritual beliefs.

We used to pray to water. We have forgotten so much wisdom. Perhaps if we remembered the relationship we used to have with the planet, the elements, we would have more peace in our hearts.

Today, I am grateful for water as she nourishes me, steaming my face as I hold a hot mug of tea near me, savoring each wave of heat before drinking.

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