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Looking to add some bhakti into your studio or event? Maybe it's time for an Ayurveda cleanse, or an opportunity to deepen sadhana. Select your preferred offerings and contact Jyoti Susan for booking.

Yoga & the Elements

In this workshop, dive into the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether), through philosophy, asana, meditation, lifestyle, and more!

Intro workshop - 8 hours $90/person

In-depth workshop - 2 week program $600/person (8 hours/day)

*As with all of our bhakti offerings, cost is a suggested offering based on travel and lodging expenses.

The Yogic Diet

The Yogic Diet for Beginners

The practice of yoga encompasses exercise, meditation, and breath work. Did you know it's also a lifestyle practice? In this workshop, we will explore what the ancient texts talk about in reference to a yoga diet. We will review what a yogic diet is, the basic tenets of an ayurveda diet, and how we can use these methods to improve our body, mind, and spirit. We will also explore the connection of mudras and mantras with food, and learn about the concept of prasad (blessed food).


The Yogic Diet: The Elements

In The Yogic Diet for Beginners we discovered the basics of a yogic diet, how ayurveda is linked to this process, how mudras and mantras are also part of the process of cooking, eating, and serving. In this Part II, we will dive deeper into the elements and how they play a large role in the yogic diet. We will learn about more esoteric practices of the yogic diet based on these elements. Prerequisite: The Yogic Diet for Beginners


The Yogic Diet: Prasad

In this workshop, we will explore the intention of cooking, preparing, serving, and receiving prasad (blessed food). We will review this process through the eyes of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. Each step and process will help us dive deeper into a space of unconditional love and serving others.

Intro workshop - 8 hours $90/person

In-depth workshop - 4-5 day program $250/person (8 hours/day)

*As with all of our bhakti offerings, cost is a suggested offering based on travel and lodging expenses.

A Heart Awakening Workshop and Kirtan

Join author and yoga teacher, Susan Kiskis, for a workshop focusing on living life to the fullest and infused with love. Through asana, mudras, sound, and pranayama, you will be guided to opening up the heart chakra, releasing to Ma Durga through the fire element, and building self-care.


Enjoy a Metta Meditation, open the heart further through hot Cacao, and end the evening with call and response kirtan with The Mas and The Babas. 

12-12:45pm Intro to the workshop, Heart Chakra, Fire and Air Elements

1-2pm Yoga Asana and Pranayama

2-2:30pm Metta Meditation

2:30-3pm Restorative Yoga

3-4pm Sound and Mudra

4-5pm Fire Ceremony

Break for dinner

6-8pm Kirtan

*Times are estimated.

$75/per person

Shanti Sadhana

Take your student's practice deeper with Shanti Sadhana. This 3 hour workshop focuses on mantra, asana, pranayama, philosophy, and meditation. 

Mantra - bija/chakra mantras, bhajans

Asana - Vinyasa and Restorative

Pranayama - a variety for the beginner and experienced student

Meditation - guided, mindful, and japa

Can be lengthened to an 8 hour day or a full weekend spiritual retreat with book signing!

Suggested Offering:

3 hour workshop $30/per person

8 hour day $75/per person

Full Weekend $150/per person

*As with all of our bhakti offerings, cost is a suggested offering based on travel and lodging expenses.

Ayurveda Cleanse

Learn how to get your body and mind ready for Summer or Winter in the Spring or Autumn cleanse. Learn about foods, yoga poses & breaths, self-care, and other means of cleansing the Ayurvedic way.


Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and is one of the oldest forms of natural healing, designed to bring the body back into balance. Samples, recipes, and more!

$50/per person for 4 hour workshop

$75/per person for day long workshop (includes cooking class if space allows)

$300/per person for weekend immersion cleanse (Location must have easy access to certified kitchen. Meals included.)

Kirtan with The Mas and The Babas

Join The Mas and The Babas for an enchanted evening of kirtan music. Kirtan is the expression of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion.


Let yourself flow into a blissful, unifying evening, filled with call and response chanting and soothing meditation.

Cost $TBA location.

Walking the Path of a Pilgrim

To reach out your arms, heart wide open, ready to live in a state of love and grace, is a path every pilgrim strives for. Life becomes simple. Love is infinite. Without even knowing why we are called to do so, we blindly seek something to connect to. It is that state of yearning that leads us onto a spiritual pilgrimage. 
In this workshop, Susan shares her experience with planned (and unplanned) spiritual pilgrimages, what it means to walk the path of a pilgrim, different pilgrimage sites around the world, and helps you plant the seeds for your own spiritual pilgrimage. 

Workshop includes yoga and meditation classes, as well as creative exploration and chanting. Includes signed copy of Susan's Let Me Carry You Home, and a copy of Radhanath Swami's The Journey Home. 

Suggested Offering:

Weekend workshop $175/per person

*As with all of our bhakti offerings, cost is a suggested offering based on travel and lodging expenses.

Traveling Fearlessly

As a yogi on a spiritual pilgrimage and globe trotter, I find my home on many backpacking adventures. I love teaching people how to live simply and fearlessly.

While I traveled a good bit through the U.S. and Canada in through my thirties, it wasn't until around 2015 that my daughter went off to university and my husband (who already had traveled to many countries) and I started our world tour.

Since then, we've been to 20 countries together, some of them several times over. We have our favorite places and have a list of another 20 we are eager to visit. We've mastered the art of traveling light, being adventurous, and exploring nooks and must-sees in the cities we visit.

Join us while we share our travel adventures, tips and tricks to traveling without fear, on the cheap, with the biggest open heart and soul.

From Dreaming to Doing: Living a Life ReImagined

What if the time was now? What if you had all the tools you needed? What if the challenges you have were actually easy to navigate around? What if can be the foundation for dreams to grow OR the place where fear stops them.


Our calling is a gift. It is in this place that we are guided by love and find contentment. It is where our hearts are nourished. It ripples out allowing us to live in harmony with the universe. It is where freedom resides. If you let go of the life you planned, what would be waiting for you?


What brings you joy? How would you rather spend your time? What lights you up? The answers to these very questions tell us about our dreams. Sometimes we are aware of them, other times, they are hidden gems yet to be uncovered. For those of us that know our dreams, why do we postpone them with “But...,” “I can't,” “I hope to some day...”


Dreams aren't about being selfish. They are about being selfless to our soul's path. Maybe we just forgot we are good enough to have what we need.


We chase after the dream of happiness. We read books and articles about it. We hope for it, pray for it, dream about it. Yet it seems elusive. What if we go after happiness in a different way. What if we believe we are happy, we are enough, and make our dreams a reality. What if we start co-creating our life in a way that identifies with not only happiness, but with our truest desires.


Now is the time to go from fear to courage. Now is the time to go from victim to hero of your life. Now is the time to go from despair to happiness. The time will never be “right.” So, how about now. Turn off the noise. Get quiet. Discover what your soul is calling for and let the timing be now.

Suggested Offering:

Weekend workshop $200/per person. Workshop weekend includes asana, meditation, creative expression. 

*As with all of our bhakti offerings, cost is a suggested offering based on travel and lodging expenses.

Unraveling India

Join Shambhu Anand and Jyoti Susan Kiskis as they share stories from their time in India. From monkeys who steal chapatis to meditating at the Kumbh Mela, you will laugh at life's comical moments, leave with a better understanding of this ancient culture, and fall in love again with your own spiritual path.

Weekend of Devotion with The Mas and The Babas

Join Shambhu Anand and Jyoti Susan Kiskis, and the other members of The Mas and The Babas for a weekend of devotion! Pick your favorite workshops and add a kirtan and book signing. 

Workshops include: 

Unraveling India

Shanti Sadhana


Yoga Nidra with Shambhu

Yoga Nidra, which translates to "yogic sleep," allows the participants to transcend self-created perceptions and limitations through the meditative experience.

Developed by Yogi Amrit Desai and Dr. Kamini Desai and based on both ancient teachings and modern psychology, Yoga Nidra is a paradigm shift in Self-Realization.

Knowledge of yoga posture or flexibility is not required, nor is a mastery of meditation. Participants will be asked to lie down and listen to simple guidance. Through a unique combination of alert awareness and profound relaxation, Yoga Nidra works by immersing the participant in the healing rhythms of the alpha state. Here, you simultaneously access the power of the logical left-brain and the intuitive right brain to align the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems back to homeostasis. 

Come comfortably dressed, lightly fed, and mostly decaffeinated, bringing with you any props like yoga mats, a small pillow and blanket.

Yoga History and Philosophy with Shambhu

Begin your journey through thought and time. The culture and history of Yoga cannot be separated. All Yoga in the West today comes from a tradition of multiple competing and complimentary ways of thinking and thousands of years of Indian classical texts.

Modern grand masters of Yoga, and their well-known yoga styles, are part of an ancient tradition spanning millennia. This course is designed as an in-depth introduction to implicit philosophies foundational to all Yoga. It will address where, when and how Yoga was developed and how it evolved into what it is today.

Cost $250/per person Friday evening - Sunday afternoon. (Includes your choice of classes/workshops and kirtan. Without kirtan $200/per person).

*As with all of our bhakti offerings, cost is a suggested offering based on travel and lodging expenses.

About Shambhu

An internationally recognized yogi, (Paul) Shambhu Anand is a teacher in the Kripalu-Amrit Yoga traditions and is a senior student of the last living Yoga Master from the 1960s, Yogi Amrit Desai. A Master Nidra Facilitator, he leads meditation and Yoga all over the world. He is also spends time with chanter, counter-cultural icon, and lover of God, Bhagavan Das. Shambhu has taught for Baba’s workshops since 2012.

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