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From India with Love


This collection reveals the experiences of a pilgrim moving through the space where sages and saints have lived for centuries. The vibrant tapestry of Rishikesh, India showcases moments of wonder and peace, friendship and guidance, celebration and acceptance. Artist and author, Susan Kiskis, known as Jyoti Ma, presents India through a series of photographs and vignettes unfolding the path of yoga. The pictures in this book will appeal to the yogic-loving wanderer drawn to the ancient traditions of India.


Russell Kyle, Author of "Rise & Shine" and "Awakened Living"

As a spiritual seeker, this book touched me deeply. Exciting, educating, and eloquently written, I felt I was there every step of the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey of wisdom, love, and understanding; this journey home. 

A decade ago, a group of bald men in saffron robes made music under a yellow tent on Toronto Island. A large Indian community joined them, offering Susan and her family free food. Little did she know, that years later, she would get to know the Hare Krishnas more intimately.


Susan's experience with the dancing, chanting, happy Hindu's, led her to search for God in India. Instead of finding the divine, she ran down the stone ramp of Hawa Mahal escaping from men following her. On the road to Sarnath, her husband tried to shield her eyes from the bloody remains of a man, the latest victim of India's lawless traffic. Dirty children with torn clothing at Dungeshwari Caves asked for money, but settled for sweets instead. Military guards lined the streets in Bodh Gaya during election day, while a stray dog slept near a Buddhist nun. In Varanasi, the smoke of the cremation ghats reminded Susan of the short life we live.


In each city, Susan racked up a list of sins. From pretending not to see the woman with blue-black skin at the train station in Mumbai begging for money, to walking away from a dog covered in maggots tucked up into a corner in an alleyway in Varanasi.


Neem Karoli Baba said “Love everyone. Feed everyone. Remember God.” In the middle of India, Susan found herself surrounded by the unrelenting cruelty of mankind. She lost God. She lost her own compassion. She lost herself- until she finally understood what her guru meant when he whispered, “Let me carry you home.”

As a spiritual seeker, this book touched me deeply. Exciting, educating, and eloquently written, I felt I was there every step of the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey of wisdom, love, and understanding; this journey home. - Russell Kyle, Author of "Rise & Shine" and "Awakened Living"

“Let Me Carry You Home” felt like it carried me to all of Susan Kiskis’ experiences with her family around the world. The spiritual adventures, going to new places, meeting holy teachers, and learning new experiences really made me feel like I was there. A good book is never complete until you feel like you were actually there, and that’s exactly how Susan made me feel. Though I’ve never met any of Susan’s teachers or spiritual friends, I still felt like I learned something from them through Susan. The writing is beautifully written and the experiences are one in a lifetime. Reading this book will make you feel like you were truly part of those experiences! - Venerable Bhante Sujatha, Abbot of Blue Lotus Temple, Woodstock, IL

"Let Me Carry You Home vividly captures the breath and scope of Indian life and culture, and many of its mind-riveting destinations, while the author undertakes a metaphysical journey to discover her personal truth. Her well-detailed odyssey, written in the first person, takes readers through teeming cities and peaceful retreats, thought-provoking ashrams, and venerable temples. Descriptions of her adventures and experiences have an often stunning vibrancy. Her intimate observations are candid and revealing about virtually every aspect of life including hygienic facilities. Fascinating insights enliven many pages. Gurus, sadhus, beggars and other memorable characters illustrate the pulse and vitality of the subcontinent as the author assesses her own spiritual and physical progression. One learns a great deal about the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses and ways of worship. The Buddha, Buddhism and awe-inspiring stupas complement the remarkable immersion into the deeper meanings of these religions. The Hari Krishna group, and the art and practice of yoga (the author is a yoga teacher) round out a thoughtful and intricate passage through one of the world’s most mystical countries. Among the destinations described with a sharp eye include Mumbai, Jaipur and Varanasi. Other places of interest take in the Amber Fort, Dungeshari Cave, Hawa Mahal, and Bodh Gaya." - Jack Adler, Author of "The Rage of Kali" and "City Havoc."

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